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7 Top Benefits of Having Business Cards

7 Great Reasons to use Business Cards

In today’s post, our Mochua Print experts are going to look at the 7 great benefits to having business cards. We all know that a lot of business today is carried out online including meetings, orders, and more. Networking is even being done by phone and through online conferences. Because of this, a lot of people feel they no longer require business cards, but this is wrong and we are going to explain why.

Business cards have always been a marketing tool and even with the influx of digital communications, they are still a very valuable tool. So why should you still use business cards in the digital age? Read on and find out.

7 Reasons You Should Still Use Business Cards

  1. A Personal Way To Swap Contact Details: Nothing beats the personal touch. Networking is about making connections and connecting in person often leads to longer-lasting relationships. A business card gives you that personal touch and it gives you the chance to leave an impression with people whenever you are out and about. At parties, conferences, etc., having business cards to pass around is great.
  2. Create a Good First Impression: Everyone knows first impressions are important and when you meet a potential prospect, a good first impression is paramount. Having expertly designed business cards helps you to do just that. They also help to showcase your brand and put your business in front of a bigger audience.
  3. Effective Marketing Tools: Business success is all about marketing and the great thing about business cards is they allow for free marketing. Digital marketing costs but if you have a great business card you can share it with everyone you meet. You never know when you’ll meet a potential client or customer and having business cards to hand out if a free method of marketing and reaching more people.
  4. Business Cards are Affordable: If you run a small business, you may find that your marketing budget is tied up with digital solutions, website development, etc. Business cards are a low cost and effective marketing strategy that can have great benefits. You can order them in bulk and with our expert designs, you can have effective cards that will help with marketing all year round.
  5. Business Cards are Versatile: Another great benefit of business cards is their versatility. You can put a lot of business information on a small piece of card. You can use them for advertising. You can use them for coupons or special offers your business is running. You can do so much when you really think about it. There are some top tips to ensuring your business cards are effective but one of the key elements to business cards that work is not to try and fit too much onto them.
  6. Business Cards are Convenient: You get to control what your business cards look like including the design, font, layout, etc. At Mochua Print we offer expert advice on how to create the best business cards and you can find out more about this on our website. Business cards are small and compact and convenient no matter where you are. You can hand them out to everyone you meet, and they are small and easy to fit in your pocket.
  7. Business Cards Keep Your Prepared: By having business cards with you at all times, you’ll be ready and prepared whenever you meet potential clients or customers. If you don’t have them with you, it means you will have to add your details to their phone or write it on a piece of paper. How professional does that look? By having business cards with you, you’ll always be prepared.


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to having business cards. They have worked for businesses for so many years and they still work today. To ensure the success of your business cards all you need is proper planning and our experts at Mochua Print are always on hand to help with this.

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