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A4 Flyers

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Whether you’re looking to inform, attract, or communicate with your clientele, A4 flyers can facilitate all this and more while its handsome size allows for easier legibility and adds a touch of luxury to your design…

Advertise events, organize festivals, promote goods or recruit members – the flyer is a versatile piece of print media primed to help you get the word out.

Designs are printed in flawless full colour with a choice of either gloss or silk finishes.


Colour Format: CMYK

Resolution: 300 dpi (minimum)

Bleed area: 216 x 303 mm

Make sure that your background extends to fill the bleed to avoid your  cards having white edges when trimmed.

Trim page size: 210 x 297 mm

This is where we aim to cut your cards.

Safe Area: 200 x 287 mm

Text: Outlined or embedded


What can I use A4 Flyers for?

Big Flyers are perfect for visuals and all the “need to knows”. Pin them on your shop window or on a noticeboard to promote your next event, or use them to showcase products so customers can really see the details.

How many flyers should I print?

To decide the amount, you first must choose the method that you are going to use to spread them and how many people/businesses you want to target. The number of flyers and leaflets you should print are directly related to that, but do not forget to add some extra to guarantee that you do not miss some potential clients.

What are Flyers and leaflets?

Flyers and Leaflets consists on a sheet of paper designed to provide a specific information about a topic like product campaigns, services, personal or company information that is often used as marketing material.

What are Flyers and Leaflets used for?

Flyers and Leaflets are an easy and cheap way to announce new products or services and impress potential clients. They can be used for door-to-door distribution, direct mail, as an addition to e-commerce packages, or they can be distributed by hand at an event or on a shop counter. In the past, Flyers were also dropped by planes, but that practice got (luckily) out of favour for both economical and environmental reasons.

How to make Flyers and Leaflets?

Choose size, paper, quantity and all the other options form our page and move to the next step to work on your design. You can create and upload an artwork or choose and edit hundreds of leaflets design. If you need a professional help, you can also contract one of our design services and get a designer to work on your project for a very competitive price.

What size is best for flyers and Leaflets?

There is not a specific best size to Flyers and Leaflets, it depends on their purpose:
105 x 148mm (A6): One of the most popular sizes of flyers is A6, is the smallest size great to short and direct campaigns.
99 x 210 mm (DL): Fit perfectly into DL envelopes, making them a great choice for a direct mail campaign.
148 x 210mm (A5): With intermediate size, half the size of the A4 and double of the A6, is one of the most frequently used dimensions.
210 x 297mm (A4): Larger size, suitable promotions containing images and illustrations of products and services.

What should I put on a flyer?

1 – Plan the design/content that you will use on your Flyer.
2 – Write a catchy and brief content.
3 – Use visual points of focus like images or a catchy Headline.
4 – Include where to find you online or physically.
5 – Include your contacts information.
6 – Choose the colours to match the objectives of your Flyers.
7 – Choose the right Flyers and Leaflets characteristics to match your Design.


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