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Desk Calendars

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A desk calendar is essential for those with busy lifestyles as they can be easily annotated to include information about important events and appointments. Desk calendars are already popular among businesses as they are a cost effective personalised calendar which helps staff organise their time while promoting a company’s image. Printed on 350gsm card.



What is the design experience like? How can I customise my desk calendar?

Our recently improved online editor is designed to help make creating a personalised desk calendar simple and stress-free. You can choose newly updated designs and layout options that include assorted month grids and single or multi-photo designs. As you design, you can upload photos, choose from fun backgrounds, add custom text and more. If you need help or advice along the way, we have a team of design experts ready for you.

How do I know what the best image size is to use on my calendar?

The higher the resolution, the sharper the image quality.

An image with dpi less than 100 is low quality and won’t print well.
An image with dpi between 100 and 140 is medium quality.
An image with dpi between 140 and 180 is high quality.
An image with a dpi equal to or greater than 180 is excellent quality.
Note: The size of your calendar can impact the quality of your image.

Do I have to start my photo desk calendars with January? Or can I make a back to school calendar, for example?

You’re free to start with whichever month you’d like.

Can I choose my paper stock?

No. All of our photo desk calendars are printed on 350 gsm silk card. The photo-quality card provides crisp, vibrant printing.


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