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There is a small difference between a letterhead and a continuation sheet. Continuation sheets, also known as continuation papers, typically have less information on them since the contact details that usually come on the letterhead are not necessarily needed.

Suitable for branded stationery that often need multiple sheets

Ideal for overprinting with inkjet or desktop printers

Make your letterheads stand out

Particularly suitable for solicitors, estate agents, administration firms.

Materials and Finishes

Printed double or single sided, full colour or monochrome on a series of sumptuous papers, our letterheads are available in multiples of 100 to suit every budget. Our bond papers are available in either 100gsm or 120gsm, our recycled paper offers an eco-friendly option to your office and our cream laid paper offers an air of luxuriance. Whatever your vision, we’re here to help fulfil it!


Colour Format: CMYK

Resolution: 300 dpi (minimum)

Bleed area: 216 x 303 mm

Make sure that your background extends to fill the bleed to avoid your  cards having white edges when trimmed.

Trim size: 210 x 297 mm

This is where we aim to cut your cards.

Safe Area: 200 x 287 mm

Text: Outlined or embedded


Why are letterheads important?

Letterheads are an important way to represent your business or company. They show you take your work and your client’s matters seriously.
They also look good while sharing important details with the receiver, such as your address, contact details and qualifications.
You may also like to include promotional straplines or testimonial quotes.
In general, letterheads are a fundamental part of all business stationery.

What are letterheads used for?

Letterheads are used for many situations.
When it comes to payroll, HR or legal matters, companies often have to provide documentation printed on official letterhead paper. This is to show legal evidence and authenticate the contents of the letter.

How do you design letterheads?

Choose from our range of design templates, upload your own design, or contact our in-house designers who’ll be happy to help you create your own custom design.

What do letterheads look like?

Letterheads look like an official piece of business stationery used for marketing and legal purposes.
They often include coloured banners either running horizontally at the top and bottom of the page or to the size.
Most of the page of letterhead paper is left blank for you to write on. But it’s important that the paper looks official and contains some business and contact details of the sender.

What do you put on letterheaded paper?

The letterheaded paper must include some essential information. This is usually the following:

● Name and logo of the company
● Telephone numbers
● Postal and email address
● Website URL
● The nature of the business
● The owners or partners of the business
● A registered company and VAT number


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